’Mountain Meeting’ Bridget Marsden & Leif Ottosson - a fascinating experience

(August 23, 2015)

’Mountain Meeting’ evokes atmospheres and images, soundcsapes wash over as music creates pictures rising and falling though original composition and the investigation of tradition. Throughout experimentation lies comfortably alongside exploration. Listening to this album prompts a feeling of conveyance to another plane, mountain meeting 001there’s a sense of space and expansive meandering, not aimless roaming but sauntering easliy with purpose and design, as successive compositions slide easly between orignal expression and the involvement of adapted and borrowed heritage.

The otherworldly natutre of this music is evident from ’Newborough Sands/Through the Eyes of a Satellite’ through ’Polska efter Munter Johan’ to ’Stjärnfall (Shooting Star)’ as Marsden and Ottosson explore and blend innovation with tradition. Then there’s original compositions like Drinks are on Me’, ’Mountain Meeting’ and ’Istiden (Times of Ice)’ that open gates in your mind and take you through to places yet undiscovered. Settle down with time enough to listen to ‘Mountain Meeting’ and be ready to investigate the entire fascinating experience.

’Mountain Meeting’ by Bridget Marsden & Leif Ottosson releases 25th, September 2015 and features Bridget Marsden (violin) Leif Ottosson (accordion) with guests Valter Kinbom (percussion) Olof Wendel (vibraphone, marimba) Leo Svensson Sander (cello) Find the duo and their music here:

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