‘The Lower Road’ from Paul Meehan – a language that everyone can understand

(September 01, 2015)

The name Paul Meehan might not be immediately familiar, however there’s a long career behind him playing with a variety of bands such as The Karan Casey Band, Na Dorsa & Buille and Lúnasa. And finally (some might say) the man has released The Lower Road’ his debut solo album, which should change everything and make the name lower road paul meehanPaul Meehan more widely known. Displaying an iridescent and lithe touch on guitar, banjo, mandolin and bass, his skills ensure this album is a vibrant piece of work mixing traditional and contemporary tunes.

It’s often said that an instrumental album has to work hard to hold your attention, be that as it may, the ten instrumental tracks on The Lower Road’ attract and hold from first to last. Certainly, the finished product clearly involves a fair amount of overdubbing to allow Paul to simultaneously play guitar, banjo and mandolin but that detracts not one bit from the finished product. The album opens with the first set ‘Feenish’, moves into the trio that makes up ‘Killavil’ and the vivacious ‘Tailor’s’; the languid ‘Valse’ also shows off the combined talents of Martin Leahy, Martin Meehan and Sheila Smith while ‘St. Vincente’ wholly demonstrates Meehan’s ability to encompass a spread of guitar styles.

Meehan is an outstanding musician and the fluency of his music makes a language that everyone can understand. Website:

Review: Charlie Elland

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