'I Dreamt I Was A Bird’ by Lucy Ward - iridescent interpretations with a touch of theatre

(September 23, 2015)

The iridescent interpretations that Lucy Ward brings to her compositions adds a touch of theatre that i wish i was a bird lucy wardperfectly exhibits the aura of her songs. Whether the elucidation expounds through her use of tradition or excites her own compositions, its essence is both pure and potent. Her latest album, ‘I Dreamt I Was A Bird’ is exceptional in its creativity and its scope, from the intensity and energy of songs like ‘Creatures and Demons’ through the innovative edge applied to tradition with ‘Lord Randall’ to a haunting atmosphere surrounding ‘Song For Lola’.

There’s something about this voice that triggers impressions of ‘vocal illustration’ with the characters, events and experiences she creates brought to life before your ears. An unusual description perhaps but that’s what Lucy’s expressive deliveries conjure for me. Take it as you will and make up your own mind, however should the siren call of ‘Daniel And The Mermaid’ or the revealing ‘Return To Earth’ not craft their own persuasive images in your mind then you should check your imagination, it probably has a loose connection.

‘I Dreamt I Was A Bird’ releases on Betty Beetroot Records on 2nd October 2015. Lucy’s website is here:

Review: Charlie Elland

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