‘Blow Out the Moon’ by The Furrow Collective - a rare slice of beauty

(September 24, 2015)

Take four well-known British folk musicians, each with their own pedigrees of solo and band work, bring them together in an EP of quaintly entrancing, almost fragile songs and you have The Furrow blow-out-the-moon-front3Collective’s latest release ‘Blow Out the Moon’. And for lovers of supremely subtle and gently spiritual traditional folk music this is an outing you really should not miss. The content takes the listener through bleak reflection, supernatural wandering and comforting lullaby to build a collection of emotional songs over deceptively simple music with sparse production that belies its intricate construction.

There are only five songs to savour but this small taster simply makes you long all the more for the promised album in 2016. They begin with the sadness of ‘Poor Old Horse’, move to the longing within ‘Shule Agra’ and on to the darkly ominous ‘The Unquiet Grave’, before the plaintive ‘Lament To The Moon’ then gives way to the elusive delight of ‘Oh To Be In My Bed And Happit/ Blow Out the Moon’. Each song is presented with deliciously intriguing four-part harmonies that make them so distinctive and a finely sensitive touch of musicianship that entrances from first to last.

The Furrow Collective are Emily Portman, Lucy Farrell, Alasdair Roberts and Rachel Newton, each contributing individually unique parts that make the whole a rare slice of beauty.

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Review: Tim Carroll

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