‘No One Knows That You’re Lost’ from Tina Refsnes - pure and rare gems scattered throughout

(September 29, 2015)

The first album from Norwegian folk singer, Tina Refsnes, doesn’t sound too much like a debut album.  There’s competency of no one knows that your lost tina refsnescomposition, intimately delivered vocals and an overall impression of a capable songwriter, all of which belies that fact this is her first recorded outing.

The songs on ‘No One Knows That You’re Lost’ are largely engrossing and enveloping in their scope, there are very few points where your attention wanders because there are many where you’re immersed in their message. Now and then there’s a touch of naiveté that makes its presence felt but there are also some pure and rare gems scattered throughout.

Among the tracks that truly make their mark are ‘Leave This Heart’ with its frank understanding, ‘Upside Down Clouds’, which is an accomplished piece of work, the sweeping experience of space in ‘Alaska’ and the gloriously languid ‘Told’. Tina manages to create a tangible link between her songs and her audience with her relaxed delivery and the closeness of the album’s production.

Frequently, debut albums either hit or miss there’s rarely middle ground, this one hits, no doubt.


Review: Charlie Elland

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