‘Save me A Seat’ from Kate Burkart - reflecting on the spaces and links between people

(September 30, 2015)

There’s a mystic place I go to when music moves me. It’s a dreamlike condition where everything is certain. ‘Save me A Seat’ from Kate Burkart takes me there. It’s a collection of six songs reflecting on the spaces and links between people, their changing experiences and the persistence of memory – and it’s kate burkartsuperb.

The intensely poignant ‘Save Me A Seat’ examines the need to keep hold of someone and somewhere special, while much more than a love song, ‘Enough’ offers an aching plea to knowing and understanding. Revealing a satirical vein of humor ‘Misery & Music’ cannot fail to make you smile - “I bet you know how it goes happiness makes boring prose, but misery and music make the best of friends.” The waves of expressiveness that pour through Kate’s warm vocals range from the tender ‘The Simple Things’ to the power of ‘Smells Like Candy’ – and throughout her voice is augmented by memorable melodies, soaring guitar work and pulsing bass.

Kate Burkart (electric bass, vocals) James DePrato (guitars, percussion) Jim Bogios (drums, percussion) Mike Emerson (Hammond organ, piano) Matt Cunitz (upright bass, harmonium, Mellotron, Philicordia organ, bul bul tarang) Melissa Phillips (backup vocals) Alisa Rose (fiddle) Tim Marcus (pedal steel) and Michael Fecskes (cello).


Review: Tom Franks

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