‘Facebook Friend’ by Dave Ellis & Boo Howard - a ‘friendship’ you’ll want to continue

(October 15, 2015)

The long-time partnership between Dave Ellis and Boo Howard consistently exudes high-quality musicianship, whatever genre or style they choose to absorb and reflect, the result is the same - classy, imaginative and engaging. Their latest facebook friend frontalbum ‘Facebook Friend’ offers all that and more. The lyrics are well thought out, the melodies subtle and the interaction between elegant guitar, sonorous bass and laid back vocals hold a distinctive allure. As has been said before, some albums create a link between artists and audience, this is one of them. You could be sat in the same room with them, the communication is that personal. Rather than saying the album is sparse on production it’s more accurate to say there’s precisely enough production and no more than required.

The diversity of songs on ‘Facebook Friend’ is immediately evident from the delightful longing and fulfilment within ‘Home Again’, tongue in cheek bluesy humour through ‘Facebook Friend’ “… you may think I’m an old fuddy duddy but I don’t want to be your Facebook buddy” and the deep felt anguish and recognition and melodic richness of ‘God Save Olive Cooke’. The pipe dreams of the sultry ‘Back To Default’ certainly strike a chord, while the gentle truths of ‘We Go Round’ and the honest assessment of being who you are with ‘Two Left Feet’ tell stories you relate to without effort.

For those that know the music of Dave Ellis & Boo Howard this album is expectations fulfilled. And that’s how to take ‘Facebook Friend’ – let it connect with you on whichever level reaches you and you’ll find a ‘friendship’ you’ll want to continue.

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Review: Tim Carroll

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