‘Best Day’ by Mairearad and Anna - the heart of this album lies in the hearts of its creators

(October 21, 2015)

Scotland has a delightful propensity for turning out musicians with the inspiration, technical wizardry and sumptuous talent to deliver musical experiences of the highest quality. One listen to ‘Best Day’ the third album from Mairearad Green and Anna Massie proves the point once more. As with all carefully crafted albums this one reflects precisely what to expect mairearad-and-anna---best-day-coverfrom this exceedingly talented duo - Mairearad’s scintillating touch on the accordion and pipes, combined with Anna’s consummate skill on guitar, fiddle and banjo. The sympathetic and instinctive interaction between these two musicians pours through every track and you know that you’re listening to something that’s nothing short of magical.

Tune sets beguile and captivate with their mesmeric explorations of jig, reel and waltz – there’s ‘The Red Poppy’, ‘Jerry & Otis’, the gorgeous ‘Musical Flowers’, stirring ‘MSR’ and the iridescent excitement of ‘The Botanist’. They also offer two songs that touch the heart – the raw emotion and understanding of Nanci Griffith’s ‘Always Will’ and a singularly beautiful rendition of Dougie McLean’s profoundly moving ‘She Loves Me (When I Try)’ – both utterly delicious. To fully appreciate the spectrum of the skills on display take in the superbly dreamy slow tune ‘Julia & Simon’s’ and the unadulterated exuberance of ‘Pipe Reels’.

What to say to sum up ‘Best Day’? The heart of this album lies in the hearts of its creators and you really should go out of your way to hear its beat.

On ‘Best Day’ Mairearad Green plays accordion, highland pipes, keyboard and sings, Anna Massie plays guitar, fiddle, mandolin, tenor banjo and sings. ‘Best Day’ releases on 16 November 2015 and you can find Mairearad and Anna here:

Review: Tim Carroll

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