‘Songs I Wrote’ by Papaphone - delivers on every level

(November 04, 2015)

Around a year ago I first reviewed the work of Papaphone (Russell Perkins to his friends) and his album ‘Sonder’, now once again exercising his considerable ‘man-with-guitar’ talent, he returns for another outing with ‘Songs I Wrote’.  Although it’s now more accurately man with guitar plus a few more instruments there’s still the raw attraction of ‘songs songs i wrote by papaphonefrom the heart’ that I’m sure will attract and hold attention. And even though the hardest thing is for the singer songwriter to take their music to a wider audience, I suggest you listen to the man and his music, it’s really rather good.

Again, along with the rawness there’s a powerful authenticity to the songs driven by a voice that aches with passion. The songs offer an intensity and fervour that reflects a hunger to ‘get the point across’ which is why listening to the tenderness, hope, rage, infatuation and obsession that pours out of the lyrics is a potent experience. Opening with the simple, sparsely accompanied yet incredibly compelling ‘Further The Ground’ and the instant hook of ‘Find Me Here’ through the gentle beauty and absorbing melody of ‘Be’ to the achingly hopeful ‘More Than This’ - Papaphone’s ‘Songs I Wrote’ delivers on every level.

‘Songs I Wrote’ demonstrates how far Papaphone has come with his music and if there’s any justice at all, more and more people will come to appreciate his work. Find the man here: and the music here:

Review: Tim Carroll

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