‘Dunt, Dunt, Dunt, Dunt’ by Gordon Duthie ­ - something interesting going on

(November 04, 2015)

There’s no way to, nor any need to classify this music. Accepted for what it is, an alternative look through one man’s eyes and ears at the influences and inspirations that motivate his musical muscle. ‘Dunt, Dunt, Dunt, Dunt’ from Gordon Duthie has possibly the strangest title I’ve come dunt dunt dunt duntacross for a while but outside of that, there’s something interesting going on. The overall impression is of an album that successfully mixes ambient instrumental tinges, programming and soundbites with softly-chanted, mixed-back vocals augmented by finely placed echoing female voices.

The songs range through the measured pulse of ‘Handless’, almost psych-folk feelings of the morose ‘Dead Dreams’ and heavily programmed hypnotic ‘Hadephobia Hypnosis’. There’s an even stronger electronic vibe to ‘Meandering’, which is a pretty accurate title, and ‘Simulation Hypothesis’, while the almost spoken lyric gives ‘Charlotte Newspaper Wrap’ a faintly ominous accusative edge.

‘Dunt, Dunt, Dunt, Dunt’ is certainly different and for that reason some people may dismiss it and that would be unfortunate because it’s an album that continues to intrigue. Credits: Gordon Duthie (all compositions, musical parts and instruments) Hande Burdg (female vocal on ‘Handless’) Efrat Darky (female vocal on ‘Hadephobia Hypnosis’) Hagar Dadonn (female vocal on ‘Simulation Hypothesis’) Ruthle (female vocal on ‘Charlotte Newspaper Wrap’) which were performed by Ruthle and Tediyra Barton-Harris (female vocal on ‘Young Kenny’). Website:

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