‘From Without’ from Ferocious Dog - gut-wrenchingly powerful music

(November 06, 2015)

Anytime you feel aurally constipated through constantly hearing variations on the same old theme, then treat yourself to a musical enema - and take a large dose of Ferocious Dog. As with their previous album, the new offering ‘From Without’ offers more rocket fuel calibre folk punk. Despite a growing following and increasingly solid reputation for gut-wrenchingly from without ferocious dog 001powerful music, Ferocious Dog remain unsigned, independent and totally in control of their own destiny. Then again, how many corporate-tinged labels would or could tame the dog?

So what do you get with ‘From Without’? Well for those ‘in the know’ you get exactly what to expect, for the unaware, prepare for oceans of energy, ripping guitars, pile-driver bass, searing fiddle and machine-gun percussion, along with memorable hooks and spikey lyrics. From the first notes you’re with them on their journey as ‘Gallows Justice’ invites you to ‘dance the jig of death in the morning and fight for the right to be free’ before ‘Poor Angry And Young’ and ‘Living On Thin Air’ arrive with their incredibly powerful and utterly significant lyrics. There’s also the banjo-fired barrage of ‘Crime And Punishment’, the harrowing truths and involving honesty of ‘Slow Motion Suicide’ and ‘Marikana Massacre’ and the outright promise of ‘Unconditional’.

Bursting out with their eponymous debut album, they slashed a notch on the trunk of the folk tree, ‘From Without’ carves their name even deeper. Ferocious Dog say things that others are afraid to say, use a tone of voice others fear to use, in the end they’ve said things that need to be said. Once more, the album is dedicated to the memory of Lee Bonsall.

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Review: Tim Carroll

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