‘Somebody’s Always Leaving’ – Sue Harlow - reflective smiles and realised tears

(November 14, 2015)

Sue Harlow sings deeply emotive, heart-touching songs that lay down the essence acoustic somebodys always leaving 001Americana folk, and to find out just how fundamentally her lingering evocative vocals will move you listen to the poignantly titled ‘Somebody’s Always Leaving’. These are songs that reveal the highs and lows of the human condition - touches of sadness added to memory, expectation bound up in hope, faith tempered by understanding – this album pours out its messages pure and strong.

Vivid lyrics that tell untainted stories make songs that promote reflective smiles as well as realised tears - Sue has the gift to promote both. The evidence is crystal clear through songs like the honesty of ‘Coming Home’, the undeniable power of ‘Carry Me’ and the outpouring of pain in ‘You’re Not Here’ and for a sharply focused view of passing time ‘Faded Away’ will get you every time. And wait for the title track that closes the album – if you don’t well up, then search for your feelings because you’ve probably misplaced them.

‘Somebody’s Always Leaving’ sums up its content. These are songs that have leaving at their heart - places, people, times and situations – and because we all understand the impact of leaving, this album will mean so much to all of us. Website:

Review: Tom Franks

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