‘Another Door’ from Brandon Grafius - reflection and contemplation mixed with meditation

(November 21, 2015)

The press info that accompanied ‘Another Door’, the new album from Brandon Grafius states: “There are too many breakup albums in the world, and nobody likes them. So I set out to create a ‘moving another dooron’ album.” Be that as it may, this is a collection of folk Americana that although not concentrating on breakups offfers a fair amount of reflection and contemplation mixed with touches of meditation and a certain amount of gentle recrimination. Yet, as the man says they’re not songs drag you down. By contrast, they inspire and in some ways empower, because they don’t dwell on the past in a maudlin self-pitying way, they simply express it through contemplative lyrics and thoughtful melodies delivered through rich-toned vocals.

The overall impression is of a man in command of where he wants to be and unafraid to look back at the experiences, places and people that brought him there. There’s distress in ‘Even The Angels’, resilience in ‘Drive Away’, understanding in ‘Lilacs’ and acceptance in ‘Prufrock’. I’ve listened to ‘Another Door’ a few times sitting in my armchair and driving in the car, and it’s a perfect accompaniment to both as the spirit that created it lives and breathes throughout, proving the man’s assertion, “…there's always another door.” Website:

Review: Tom Franks

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