‘Fortune’ by Rod Picott – songs that strike a chord that cannot be ignored

(December 16, 2015)

I first came across the songs of Rod Picott back in 2002, since then through the albums ‘Sew Your Heart With Wires’ and ‘Welding Burns’ I’ve long admired his work, and with his latest album ‘Fortune’ he continues to cut an individual and rod picott album coverdistinctive path through folk Americana. More introspective than what’s gone before, ‘Fortune’ has a thoughtful, almost lost and lonely edge combined with a visceral rawness that pulls you into the lyrics combined with an intensity to the music that takes you into its embrace. 

From the intense observations of ‘Elbow Grease’, the precise reflections of ‘This World is a Dangerous Place’ and the sharply poignant ‘I Was Not Worth Your Love’ to the harrowing ‘Jeremiah’ and the rough honesty of ‘Uncle John’, these are songs about life taken from life, which is why they strike a chord that cannot be ignored.

The artists on ‘Fortune’ are Rod Picott (vocals, nylon string guitar) - Will Kimbrough (electric, slide and oil can guitars) Lex Price (acoustic bass) Neilson Hubbard (drums, trash can, chains) Kris Donegan (electric guitar ‘Until I’m Satisfied’, ‘Secret Heart’) Dean Marold (acoustic bass ‘Elbow Grease’) and Joshua Britt (banjo).


Picott tours the Europe and the UK in January and February details here: 

Review: Tom Franks

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