‘Never Let Me Cross Your Mind’ by Locust Honey String Band - old time remains very much alive

(December 17, 2015)

Taking their expressive music from the roots of old time America and bringing to it a surging never let me cross your mind locust honey string bandfreshness, Locust Honey String Band release their album ‘Never Let Me Cross Your Mind’ on 5February 2016. Their music is vibrant, entrancing and ultimately compulsive, listen and you’re hooked. From the sparkling strings to the lusciously tight harmonies there’s an attraction to this music that inspires total captivation, you won’t find yourself doing anything but listening the engagement is that strong.

The blend runs through vintage duets, dancehall, honky tonk and mountain ballads. ‘Never Let Me Cross Your Mind’ mixes their versions of tradition with classic songs such as ‘Righten That Wrong’ by The Carter Family, ‘Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On’ by Kitty Wells and Billy Wallace with George Jones’ ‘Just One More’ – given the Locust Honey String Band touch - with a fine selection of Chloe Edmonstone originals like ‘When The Whiskey’s Gone’, ‘Horse Drawn Buggy’ and ‘How You Must’ve Felt’.

‘Never Let Me Cross Your Mind’ is direct and to the point with Chloe Edmonstone (vocals, fiddle) Meredith Watson (vocals, guitar) and Hilary Hawke (banjo) showing just how old time remains so very much alive. Website:

Review: Tom Franks

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