‘Snowbound’ by Susanna Rose "... delicacy of a falling snowflake"

(December 28, 2015)

The infinity of album titles often bewilders. How many titles wholly reflect the content? Not too many. Well, listening to ‘Snowbound’ by Susanna Rose a singer-songwriter from Rochester, NY, it’s my contention that title and content sit in perfect harmony. No, that doesn’t mean it’s an album about snow nor is it a 'cold' album … it’s simply the influences that engendered the snowbound album covermusic and lyrics pour through the essence of ‘Snowbound’.  On her website Susanna Rose states: “I wrote this album over the course of the winter of 2014-2015, the coldest winter in Rochester's recorded history. The music took form…; the snow fell constantly.” And that’s precisely the feelings that come through.

Susanna’s slightly ethereal vocals float with the delicacy of a falling snowflake weaving their way through the keenly examining, observational lyrics. Soft melodies embrace the words to fix them in your head. The contemplative themes slide through soul-searching into wider reflection and musings on life in both the minutiae and the wider perspective, illustrated by ‘Working Girl’, ‘Separate Ways’, ‘Song To Myself’ and ‘Benediction’. It’s easy to imagine the quietness and solitude that heavy snow brings and that conjured these songs, and with that thought in mind, the title track ‘Snowbound’ is riveting.

Susanna Rose (vocals, acoustic guitar, violin - Track 4) Jacob Walsh (drums, percussion) Gabe Schliffer (violin, cello -Tracks 1, 5, 6) and Dave Drago (additional instrumentation). 


Review: Tom Franks

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