‘The Huntsman’ from Little Red - leaves you wanting more

(December 30, 2015)

In my view, ‘The Huntsman’ from folk trio Little Red, who are Ian Mitchell, Ben Gosling and Hayley Bell, ticks the key boxes required for an EP … it serves as a fine introduction to their music and importantly, it the huntsman ep coverleaves you wanting more. Their musicianship is tight as you could want, the songwriting sharp, vocals engrossing and the lyrics striking.

There’s a shadowy and sombre feel to the EP as the depth of its songs move through some dark places. From the melancholy edge to the title track ‘The Huntsman’ pervaded with feelings of questing deliberation, through ‘Chapters’, which takes a more vibrant stance, yet its layered vocals offer a faintly ominous tone with its ‘something wicked this way comes’ lyric. The portentous mood persists through ‘Black Dog’, which moves into the slightly sinister Mr. Wolf’.

The only downside to this recording is four tracks in and it’s all over. Hopefully, this taster proves there’s an album in the offing … I do hope so.


Review: Charlie Elland

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