‘78rpm’ from Sheesham & Lotus & Son - an experience not to be missed

(December 30, 2015)

It takes but one listen to ‘78rpm’ from Sheesham & Lotus & Son to realise that you’re on the receiving end of something that’s wholly imbued in the past. This album is not simply a re-hash of old time music but a 78rpm-album-copy_78s-cropliving breathing foray into a unique world through its time-shifting approach and delivery.

Many musicians duplicate old time style or add an innovative edge, Sheesham & Lotus & Son take a genuine approach that’s so vibrant they become the style. From ‘Down in your Pockets’ and ‘John Henry’ through ‘Bedside Walkaround’ and ‘Jackson Stomp’ to ‘F and D Rag’ and ‘Red Bird’ this album strips back time, takes you with it and returns an experience not to be missed.

The recording was made on a 1937 Presto 78 rpm recording lathe disc-cutter, the same machine used by the folklorists and performers the Lomax family. The music blends fiddle, banjo and voice with a mix of instruments that includes jaw-harps, gourd banjos and such wonders as their Contrabass HarmoniPhonium into a collection of musical idiosyncracies that truly reflects that over-used word unique.


Review: Tom Franks

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