‘The Final Waltz’ from Ciaran Algar - awash with interpretations and inventiveness

(January 10, 2016)

Perhaps more readily recognised as one half of an award-winning duo with Greg Russell, with ‘The ciaran algar the final waltzFinal Waltz’ Ciaran Algar has released his debut solo album, and an outstanding piece of work it is too. Multi-instrumentalist, Ciaran Algar’s music is immersed in the Irish tradition and at the same time awash with his own interpretations and inventiveness. The majority of the album presents the iridescent instrumentation and self-assured composition that we have come to expect, however what may not be such familiar ground are the self-penned songs on the album, which stand as testament to his songwriting ability.

The sparkle and vitality of tunes like ‘Popcorn Behaviour’, ‘Morrisons’ and ‘The Luck Penny’ lift you out of yourself to join the boundless enthusiasm and unrestrained emotion that has always come through Algar’s playing. There’s also songs like the incredibly moving lyrics of ‘The Final Waltz’, the poignant ‘Our Home Now’ and the infinitely touching declaration of ‘Until We Meet Again’ ... all delivered by Sam Kelly’s wonderfully expressive voice. 

‘The Final Waltz’ is an accomplished album not to be missed. It’s also one that will rightly establish and hold a position of regard for some considerable time.

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Review: Tim Carroll

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