‘Ahoy Hoy’ from Boreas - a marker of talent, skill and excellence

(January 18, 2016)

Listening to ‘Ahoy Hoy’ from Boreas is an enchanting, almost mystical experience. Immerse yourself in this explorative melange of music from four outstanding musicians, clearly unafraid to innovate and ahoy hoy boreasexperiment, and you’ll understand. Blending the depths of their combined musical inheritance, the traditions of Scotland and Norway and their own creative freedom, Boreas have forged a spellbinding piece of work.

Boreas are Britt Pernille Frøholm (hardanger fiddle) Lori Watson (fiddle, voice) Irene Tillung (accordion) and Rachel Newton (Scottish harp, voice), together they bring life to an exceptional musical expression of Norwegian and Scottish folk music. In their own words, they: “ to emphasise old traditions and shared musical aspects, while exploring the spaces between their different yet connected cultures.” It’s this merging and combining of cultural heritage that creates their unique sound. It also lends the album its spiritual essence through the otherworldly spaces and mysteries it engenders.

The mix includes tunes that infer light and shadows, both invigorating and ominous, from ‘Sidvoss’ and ‘Sillery’ to ‘Bjørnen’ and ‘Samueline’, there are songs that range from an ethereal take on Ewan MacColl’s ‘North Sea Holes’ to the delightful ‘Braw Salin’ and to hear the band simply indulging their undoubted dexterity and having a good time, listen to ‘Happy Set’.

‘Ahoy Hoy’ is the band’s debut album and with it they have set down a marker of talent, skill and excellence. Website:

Review: Charlie Elland

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