‘This, That & The Other’ - Marina Florance - sumptuous, softly engaging and pure emotion

(January 25, 2016)

A while ago I wrote: “Pay attention when Marina Florance sings. You’ll hear songs delivered by one of folk’s most emotive voices...” The intervening months have done nothing to change that view. In fact, listening to her gloriously warm-toned, heart-touching voice deliver a blend of Americana, blues, country and folk on her new album ‘This, That & The marina florance this and thatOther’ I’ve fallen in love with that voice all over again. Undeniably sumptuous, softly engaging and pouring pure emotion into every word, Marina has a voice that hits it ... every time. Add delicious melodies to an incomparable turn of phrase and you have an album you must hear.

There’s a potency to Marina’s words that harbours meaningful messages through impact-rich poetic emphasis. There’s an encompassing presence in songs like ‘I Told You My Troubles’ and ‘Little Black Cloud’ ... their impact is so intense you find yourself living within the lyrics. The songs on ‘This, That & The Other’ reveal some essential essences ... hope, sorrow, empathy and belief. They possess an intense personal edge that creates an all-important connection between artist and audience, that’s why it’s so easy to become involved in Marina’s songs. Listen to the thoughtful gentleness of ‘The Wedding Day Waltz’ and the raw honesty of ‘When The Past Came Calling’ and try as you might to resist, you’re there with the words.

‘This, That & The Other’ will fall into that special place where extraordinary albums live, those you play when you simply want to luxuriate in a combination of words, music and voice.

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Review: Tim Carroll

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