‘Never More Together’ by Oliver Swain - a richness of melody and musical expression

(January 24, 2016)

Alternative-edged Canadian folk with rock influences, touches of Americana spirit and chock full of innovative touches and experiments, that’s Oliver Swain’s latest album ‘Never More Together’. There’s a richness of melody and musical swain1expression that runs throughout, with Swain’s animated vocals swinging from fragile and beckoning to insistent and pointing, exposing multiple facets to the songs. 
Opening with the upbeat title track ‘Never More Together’ he pulls the listener into the album with his distinctive voice, from there it’s a journey into the succulent harmonies of ‘No Strange Thing’, the strangely attractive ‘Maggie, Molly & Raul’, the ominous musical murmurings of ‘The Moan’ morphing into ‘Apple Sucking Tree’ before the wide-open musical spaces and intricate construction of the closing ‘Take Me Up’ reaches a flawless finish. 

Playing on ‘Never More Together’ are Oliver Swain (stand-up bass, banjo, acoustic guitar) Adrian Dolan (violins, violas, mandola, string arrangements) with help on selected tracks from Adam Dobres (acoustic guitar and electric guitar) Matthew Pease (trap kit) Daniel Tate (organ) Ben Sollee (cello) Emily Braden (vocals) James Whitall (mandolin) and Quinn Bachand (acoustic and electric guitar

‘Never More Together’ is an album you’re really going to savour.


Review: Tom Franks

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