‘These Mountain Blues’ - Norrie McCulloch - strange places, old friends, arriving and leaving

(January 26, 2016)

Without doubt ‘These Mountain Blues’ has a heart driven by incidents and encounters. Long roads, strange places, old friends, arriving and leaving, - and that’s what it sounds like - because from the first notes you’re ‘on that road’ with Norrie McCulloch.

Following up on the wonderful ‘Old Lovers' Junkyard’, this album reveals more of McCulloch’s world through tunes that ‘take you norrie mccullch these mountain bluesthere’ and a voice that illustrates his words so well. Opening with ‘Calico Days’ the album is awash with hook-laden songs and lyrics that range across emotions that a myriad of experiences create. The gentle expectation of ‘Pass By My Door’ gives way to the moving and mournful ‘These Mountain Blues’, before the affecting message of ‘Hard To Be The Man You Are Not’ cuts deep. Other high spots on ‘These Mountain Blues’ include the powerful sorrow of ‘Black Dust’ with its telling narrative giving understanding to its tale of life as a miner, the beautifully-phrased ‘When She Is Crying Too’ and ‘Heart’s Got To Be In The Right Place’.

‘These Mountain Blues’ is an album of class - a carefully crafted mix of guitar and piano, vocals that pull you into each song and leave a feeling that you want to hear more. Website: Release date: 26 February 2106.

Review: Charlie Elland

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