‘Game of Life’ from Pete Morton - another trip along his travels through this life

(January 27, 2016)

Certain writers and singers of folk songs have that combination of lyrical perspicacity and clear-sighted delivery that set them apart from all others, the idiosyncratic Pete Morton is one of those. His songs provoke thought, stimulate inspiration and prompt revelation. That’s because he delivers messages and explores themes that everyone can relate to and does it in a way that pete morton game of lifedemands nothing more than turning your ear to his perfectly placed lyrics.

Listen to albums like the inimitable ‘The Frappin’ and Ramblin Pete Morton’ and powerful ‘The Land of Time’ it’s easy to understand what I mean. With his latest album ‘Game of Life’, Morton has joined with Full House to release fresh recordings of some of his best-known songs, and the outcome, will in my opinion rapidly become regarded as a classic of English folk. The album ranges through the anticipated and much-loved gamut of Morton’s acid-sharp observations, gently sarcastic opinions and contemplative reflections ...  from ‘Another Train’ and the bucolic ‘Shepherd’s Song’ through the keenly discerned ‘Related To Me’ and ‘Shores of Italy’ to the tender ‘Luckiest Man’ and the pin-point accuracy of ‘Two Brothers’.

‘Game of Life’ is another absorbing album in Morton’s considerable output, there’s not a moment when your attention wanders and each song takes you on another trip along travels through this life. Take the journey and you’ll love every twist and turn along the way. This time there’s also the extra musical sparkle added by his collaboration with Full House, which is evident throughout and lends much to Morton’s compositions.

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Review: Tim Carroll

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