Self-titled solo album from Simon Linsteadt - gentle, reflective American folk

(January 30, 2016)

More widely known as singer-songwriter and guitarist with San Francisco band Steep Ravine, Simon Linsteadt has simon lindsteadtreleased his debut self-titled solo album, and for those that like gently reflective and observant American folk there’s not much more that you’re going to need. The man has a natural ability with a melody, crafting intricate tunes with memorable hooks, adding lyrics that make you listen, to deliver songs that make a mark.

The essence of this album is the combination of thoughtful lyrics laced with a simple acoustic guitar with a simplicity that belies the complexity with which the songs are constructed. Linsteadt weaves his voice and guitar into a tapestry that illustrates both inward and outward looking themes and focuses on places, people and himself. With this solo album we hear Lindsteadt free to explore the roads he wants to travel, which he does with consummate ease, from songs like ‘Half Moonlit Mood’ and ‘If Music Isn’t Real’ to the messages of ‘These Words, These Songs’ and ‘Time & Again’.

Style-wise you can discern him making inroads into a myriad of influences, which keeps this album utterly fresh, no matter how many times it’s played – and once heard, it will be played again and again.

Website: www.facebook.Simon-Linsteadt

Review: Tom Franks

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