‘Tide, Timber and Grain’ by Paul Handyside - songs that will stay with you for a long time

(February 03, 2016)

The third solo album from Paul Handyside has all the elements required to become wholly memorable. Whether he’s writing with touches of English folk or an edge of Americana, mixing tradition and original, narrative or ballad, the distinction and tide-timber-grain by paul handysidecombination makes ‘Tide, Timber and Grain’ so thoroughly listenable it’s heading for ‘replay’ the second it finishes. Warm and compassionate vocals, softly struck and emotive guitar, poignant and piercing lyrics – there’s everything here that ensures that ‘Tide, Timber and Grain’ strikes home.

Listening to Handyside deliver his songs prompts you to immerse yourself in their message and find that unique moment when artists communicate directly to each individual within an audience. Through the gentle reflection and sweeping guitars of ‘Flowers Won’t Bloom’ and the supplication within ‘Let Me Down Easy’, the condemnation of ‘All Will Be Revealed’ and the simple truth of ‘Should I Leave Your Side’, there’s the impression of Handyside reaching out to touch people directly. Whether through the bucolic description of ‘Woodcutter’s Son’, the personal reflection and sorrow of ‘Desperate Days’ or the historical narrative ‘A Whaler’s Lament’, Handyside delivers melodies that hold, hooks that catch and songs that will stay with you for a long time.

And that’s why ‘Tide, Timber and Grain’ is an album you will appreciate.

Find Paul Handyside and his music here: Alongside Paul Handyside (vocals, guitar, harmonium) are Rob Tickell (Weissenborn slide guitar, bass, guitar) and Dave Porthouse (melodeon, double bass).

Review: Tim Carroll

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