Self-titled EP from the duo ‘The Lion’s Share’ - honest English folk

(February 07, 2016)

As long as there are folk musicians beavering away inventing new and protecting old, realising origination while respecting tradition, then folk music remains a healthy organism. A self-titled EP called ‘The Lion’s Share’ both originates and respects tradition, with two self-penned songs and a classic trad arr couplet. The Lion’s Share are Tom Blackburn and Jimmy Grayburn, together they‘ve got something the lions share 001that’s certainly worth a listen, nothing earth shattering or left-field, just honest English folk.

They open with ‘one of their own’, the slightly sombre toned ‘The Lion’s Share’, based on one of Aesop’s fables and a relaxed intro to their guitar and banjo combination. From there it’s into another original, this time a powerful song ‘Cathy’, dedicated to Jeremy Sandford’s harrowing play about homelessness, ‘Cathy Come Home’ ... and despite the intervening years, nothing changes. Traidition is served with their take on the multi-versed and many versioned ‘Hares on the Mountain’, which is followed by the variously titled ‘The Prickle Eye Bush’ a much-sung song by everyone from Huddie Willaim Leadbetter to Led Zeppelin, this time the Blackburn-Grayburn add their own touch with a lilting edge.

The Lion’s Share are Tom Blackburn (guitar, vocals) and Jimmy Grayburn (banjo, vocals) they can be found here:

Review: Tim Carroll

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