‘Holding On’ by Josh Harty - a profound mix of storytelling and musicianship

(February 14, 2016)

With solo albums like ‘Long List of Lies’ and ‘Nowhere’, Josh Harty laid down markers as a singer and songwriter of American folk, country-blues fusion that strives forwards in its originality while paying due homage to the traditions that have shaped his music. Now he’s set to release ‘Holding On’ (in the UK in April) holding on josh hartyan album of soul-touching songs that take their inspiration from the roads behind and ahead, places been and places to come, people met and people lost.

The songs on ‘Holding On’ reveal much through their narrative style. They uncover essential truths from experience, show in fine focus personal private and public expressions that Harty lays bare, with an honest, open frankness that makes his music wholly accessible and easy to identify with. From the title track ‘Holding On’, through the contemplation of ‘Round & Round’ and ‘Wired’ with their stories that reach out, to the understanding of ‘Learn To Fight’, resignation within ‘Ballad For A Friend’ and an archetypal road song ‘You & The Road’ there’s a profound mix of complete storytelling and accomplished musicianship.

‘Holding On’ features Josh Harty (vocals, guitar) Scott Beardsley (drums) Chris Boeger (bass) and on selected tracks Blake Thomas (banjo, Hammond organ, electric & 12-string guitars) Chris Waggoner (mandolin, lap steel, Dobro, violin) Pauli Ryan (percussion) Rusty Lee (piano, Hammond organ) Andrew Harrison (electric guitar) Dan Walkener (electric guitar) and Trevor Krieger (violin) with Kelly McRae, Matt Castelein and Brian Knapp (vocals).


Review: Tom Franks

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