‘Matter Of Time’ by Dallahan - both engaging and arresting

(February 18, 2016)

Should there ever be a prescription for inspired enjoyment then it would include the music of Dallahan, and their second album, ‘Matter Of Time’ would be a panacea for all ills. Their blend of traditional Irish music, augmented by Scottish and Hungarian culture is combined with an ability to fuse elements of tradition with influences includingmatter of time dallahan jazz, pop and folk into something that’s both engaging and arresting. The appeal comes through listening to musicians clearly revelling in their art and the capture through the sparkling array of tunes and songs.

Since their debut album 'When The Day Is On The Turn' their sound has matured, their compositions developed and Dallahan have perfected their blend of inspirations. ‘Matter Of Time’ moves their music through a myriad of facets from gently balladic to thoughtful narrative and sparkling dance, loosely shackled jazz to infectious hooks. Whatever your mood or humour ‘Matter Of Time’ will lift your spirits and involve you from the start, from the spring in the step of ‘Logan Braes’ through the soulful narrative ‘Blow The Candle Out’ to the sinuous rise and fall of ‘Harbour Of Polperro’ and the call of tradition in ‘Ferney Hill’ there’s a wave after wave of absorbing music.

Dallahan are Jack Badcock (guitar, vocals) Jani Lang (fiddle, vocals) Ciaran Ryan (tenor banjo, mandolin, fiddle) Andrew Waite (piano accordion) and joining them on selected tracks on ‘Matter Of Time’ are Paddy Callaghan (button accordion) Jarlath Henderson (Ulliean pipes, whistle) Ciara McCafferty (vocals) Toby Shipley (percussion, trumpet) and Jenny Hill (double bass).

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Review: Tim Carroll

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