‘The Ebony Trail’ from Ciara O’Neill - folk from the dark side

(February 29, 2016)

Haunting is a good word to begin describing ‘The Ebony Trail’ from Ciara O’Neill, The title track opens with ghostly footsteps on a gravel path, darkly ominous lyrics delivered through fragile ciara oneil the ebony trailwhispering vocals, portentous echoing music and some disconcerting samples and effects - this is folk from the dark side. The darkness and foreboding continues to flow through tracks like the gloomy ‘Dead Black’, the terrifying imagery of ‘Follow Me’ and the trance-like shadows of ‘Invent Me’.

This is music that holds a fair degree of sinister involvement, there’s sadness, longing, and a persistent sense of threat, the presence of shadows understood and dealt with. The sonorous percussion, sharp edged strings and evocative vocals take you places where danger lurks and the journey is fraught with fear. And yet, the lure remains, listen to ‘Strange Days’ or ‘The Road’ to understand.

Perhaps a touch melancholy, possibly somewhat disconcerting, ‘The Ebony Trail’, which releases 5th March 2016 is certainly worth a listen. Website:

Review: Charlie Elland

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