‘Today Is A Good Day’ from Brendan Monaghan - soul-touching songs of particular resonance

(March 07, 2016)

Writing about the music of Brendan Monaghan is always a perfect pleasure because you’re writing about a man who has thoroughly mastered every aspect of his art – from composing to performing. Whether he’s delivering his own compositions or putting his unique stamp on a classic cover the ‘Monaghan effect’ kicks in and immediately you become today-is-a-good-day-albumcover-1part of his feel for a melody, his way with words and his ability to bring both to life.

His new album ‘Today Is A Good Day’ continues in the vein of Monaghan’s previous work with soul-touching songs of particular resonance that reveal much about the man from personal reflections to observant musings on life, its highs and lows. Listen to the raw emotion of songs like ‘So Sad’ and ‘Mother’, the honest understanding of ‘Where I Belong’ and ‘Today Is A Good Day’, or the heart-felt longing of ‘Girl on the Corner’. The mix is as distinctive as it is alluring, folk edged with a soupçon of pop, touches of rock, balladic moments mixed with engaging narrative, even a touch of Americana, ‘Today Is A Good Day’ is new but at the same time it’s everything we have come to expect. In short, it’s an album you should hear.

Playing on ‘Today Is A Good Day’ are Brendan Monaghan (vocals, guitar) Gary Aiken (keyboards, percussion, bass) Collen McCleary (banjo, accordion, whistle) Niall McClean (fiddle) Richard Murray (lead guitar, bass) Mary Keag (piano) and on selected tracks Joanne Malone (vocals) Zofie Nelson, Shona Russell and Ciaran Gribbin (backing vocals).

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Review: Tim Carroll

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