‘Deliverance’ from The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc - expansive and vital expression

(March 07, 2016)

Combine the rich music heritage of Norway, Sweden and the Shetland Islands with sparkling touches of innovation, nordic fiddlers blocadd a swathe of talent and consummate skill and what do you have? The answer is encapsulated in the music of Olav Luksengård Mjelva, Anders Hall and Kevin Henderson, regarded as masters of their respective musical traditions and more widely known as The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc. Now take all of that and forge it into their latest album ‘Deliverance’, the result is an expansive and vital expression of original and traditional fiddle music.

There’s multiple and intertwining layers within this album, tunes of such intricacy that you have to listen again and again to reassure yourself the web is woven by only three musicians. Conversely, there’s such purity and simplicity that the music effortlessly sweeps the listener away. The magic pours through self-penned tracks like ‘Talons Trip to Thompson Islet’, ‘Hjaltaren’ and ‘The Hen Hunt’, explorations of tradition in ‘Flinken’ and ‘Djävulspolskan (The Devil’s Polka)’.

To hear these three musicians play together is to hear a joining of minds, a symbiosis that feeds itself, an understanding that is both unique and precious ... an escape from the ordinary .. that’s The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc. Releasing on 1st April 2016, ‘Deliverance’ is an album that offers exactly what it says on the cover ... deliverance. Website:

Review: Charlie Elland

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