‘Dusk’ from Rusty Shackle - overflowing with presence and chock full of raw power

(March 14, 2016)

There’s folk with elements of rock conveniently called folk rock, then again, there’s rock with a touch of folk that’s more accurately called rock folk ... ‘Dusk’ from Rusty Shackle definitely sits in the rock folk camp. And on the album rusty shackle dusk_-_front_cover_rgbthe music comes in like an express train – overflowing with presence and chock full of raw power – and pulls you along on the ride. There’s an intense guitar and fiddle drive ripping through their songs to lay its tracks over a rock solid bass and drums foundation that underpins everything, and for completion there’s edgy, gritty vocals that demand your attention and ‘tell it how it is’.

This music isn’t all thrash and crash, although these guys can clearly rock it out with the best ... ‘When Morning Comes’, Heart Of The Storm’ and ‘Lion In Winter’ stand testament to that assertion, however songs like ‘Lonely Lighthouse Life’, ‘Moving On’ and ‘You Are My Lantern’, although remaining in the realm of heavy-duty folk offer mellower intensities. When I first wrote about Rusty Shackle’s album ‘The Bones’ in 2013 I remarked that: “... you’re listening to something utterly catchy” and observed that: “the attraction is instantaneous.” Aside from the fact that they have clearly developed their songwiting skills and become even tighter as a band, nothing on ‘Dusk’ makes me want to change my opinion.

If folk rock floats your boat there’s no decision to make ... buy this one you’re going to love it.

Rusty Shackle is Liam Collins, Baz Barwick, Owen Emmanuel, Ryan Williams and brothers Scott and James McKeon, who between them handle vocals, guitars, fiddle, banjo, bass, mandola, trumpet, tenor guitar, drums to deliver their unique rock folk verve.

‘Dusk’ releases on Get Folked Records on 25 March 2016 find band and album here:

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