‘Dust and Snow’ by Joseph Tonelli - tranquillity born out of experience

(March 17, 2016)

Just finished listening to Joseph Tonelli’s new album, ‘Dust and Snow’, due for release in June 2016, and its minimalistic, laid-back textured Americana folk had me totally captivated. There’s an impression dust and snow joseph tonelliof a man observing, pondering and then commenting. Every word, every note absorbed and considered before they’re set free through the songs. There’s precisely the right amount of instrumentation to provide the foundation with equally reserved and carefully placed guitar and violin breaks. One listen to the title track, the sharp reality of ‘Dust and Snow’ of  and the revealing 'My Situation' and you’ll instantly understand those comments.

Without doubt the lyrics drive the songs, emphasising Tonelli’s poetic construction, add a haunting guitar-picking style and the quietly intense vocals to give you the measure of this album. There’s a certain openness within ‘Dust and Snow’ that exposes much of the artist, and yet you always have the feeling that something remains hidden within its simplicity. These are untapped depths perhaps or maybe just the artist leaving you wanting more, as with songs like the longing within ‘Sunken Ships’ or the sorrowful examination of memories in ‘Sometimes’ and the truths laid bare in 'Beautiful’.

Expect to encounter a tranquillity born out of experience and be prepared to join Tonelli on the journey - let ‘Dust and Snow’ take you there. Website:

Review: Tom Franks

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