‘Confession Note’ by Mahoney & The Moment - an irresistible edge to this music

(March 25, 2016)

Engaging touches of Americana, mixed with a distinct pop feel, elements of contemporary folk, edges of country all existing with an immediacy at a point in time that could be now or within the summer of love, that’s a mixture that you find with Mahoney & The mahoney and the moment album coverMoment - London singer-songwriter Steve Mahoney and Boston-born actor and singer Emily Moment. And if there’s a better word than ‘infectious’ to position what you hear with their album ‘Confession Note’ then go for it. There’s an irresistible edge to this music that lifts it into a realm inhabited by songs that you hear and then spend the day circulating around your head.

The tracks that attract are the opener ‘Anyway...’ kicking in with jangling guitars and warm resonant bass, followed by the reflective ‘I’ve Carried This Weight’ and the dreamy sixties flow of ‘Confession Note’ before ‘Only Us’ featuring Emily Moment on lead vocal arrives, and lyrically it’s stunning. ‘Confession Note’ definitely has something on offer, and you should spend time taking the delivery.

Playing on ‘Confession Note’ are Steve Mahoney (vocals, guitar, dobro, bass, banjulele) Emily Moment (vocals, ukulele, guitar, piano, harmonium, marimba) Ashley Hallinan (drums) Dan Bryant (bass, upright bass) Sam Beer (slide dobro, guitar, backing vocals) Barbara Bartz (fiddle) and Jack Hobbs (Hammond organ, Wurlitzer).


Review: Tom Franks

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