‘Ignite’ by Will Pound & Eddy Jay “... maelstrom of enthusiasm and exhilaration”

(March 29, 2016)

Within the maelstrom of enthusiasm and exhilaration created by Will Pound & Eddy Jay on ‘Ignite’, their first album as a duo, there exists a unique soundscape that whirls and spins to cast a spell that once heard will take some will and eddy cd3breaking. Both men use their consummate skills to take their instruments to a higher plane than most could even conceive ... Will Pound summoning the unimaginable on harmonica and Eddy Jay conjuring with the accordion. There’s little risk in saying that ‘Ignite’ will do exactly what it says on the package ... catch fire.

Certain albums take time to exert their hold, ‘Ignite’ takes no time at all, from the blistering arrival of ‘Floating Candle’ through the splendidly energised ‘The Crooked Reel’ to the bluegrass rush of ‘Clinch Mountain Backstep’ you will be wholly captivated. For sheer inventiveness there’s their self-penned swing extravaganza that is ‘Richard III’, the laid back ‘Hangman’ and the inspired slow-burn of ‘The Reckoning’. And if there’s any chance you can remain static through tracks like ‘The Barrowburn Reel’ and the Balkan dance of ‘Rachenitsa’ check you’re not tied to your chair.

Technically amazing, skilfully astounding and thoroughly refreshing, ‘Ignite’ is possibly the most startlingly original album I’ve heard in a long time. Buy it, you’re going to love it, no discussion, no debate.

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Review: Tim Carroll

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