'Another Beautiful Tuesday' by Jan - take time to soak up its messages

(April 04, 2016)

I've listened to 'Another Beautiful Tuesday' by Jan several times now, and there are clearly two ways to hear this album ... at a superficial level as dreamy folk with some psychedelic-sixties overtones, alternatively you decide to step inside its lyrical investigations and go deeper into revealing, expressive observations on individual and private sentiments. The former will another beautiful tuesday by janrelax your mind and soothe those worries, the latter will provoke some deep-seated reactions ... which is why to understand the depths of 'Another Beautiful Tuesday' demands you take time to soak up its messages.

From the wider interpretations of ‘Denmark Street’, through the touching reality of trying to understand love and dealing with its memories contained in ‘I Wouldn’t Do That’ and ‘Karen’ to recording the sacrifices of a generation through one man’s experiences of war in ‘Bluebird’ and interpreting individual understanding of the Holocaust with ‘Decisions’ – these songs explore one man’s view of the moments that mean something to him. And when you listen to the sheer presence of ‘Crown of Light’ written for his late sister Irena, be prepared for a revelation of rage and sorrow, sadness and love ... powerful indeed.

The songs on 'Another Beautiful Tuesday' are lengthy, so your concentration has to be maintained to hold on as Jan studies his subjects. More than songs these are involved narratives - that’s what’s really the offer - so take the time and rewards will follow.

‘Another Beautiful Tuesday’ features Jan (guitar, vocal) with Rick Willings (whistle) Toby Sivyer (cello) Garry Holder (double bass) Chris Davis (mandolin, guitar, slide guitar, percussion, harmony vocals).

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