‘Scattered Notes and Rhymes’ Arthur Wilson – songs that feel like old friends

(April 04, 2016)

There’s comforting warmth about Arthur Wilson’s music - it’s that music you listened to in those ‘growing up years’, a familiarity that makes arthur wilson 001his songs feel like old friends. Sounds that could belong to long ago yet resonating today - timeless is the correct word to use. ‘Scattered Notes and Rhymes’ is a delightful collection of self-penned acoustic, Americana-edged, pop-tinged songs with genuine musical depth - hooks to remember and lyrics with revealing honesty.

There’s the instant catch within the narratives of  ‘I Will Follow’ and ‘Never Ever’ while human observations stand out within songs like ‘Every Touch from Every Hand’ and ‘Lost Boy in the Rain’. Wilson takes the influences for his memorable melodies from wherever he finds them - a soft reggae-style flavour to ‘We Name This Ship’, a balladic sweep of ‘I Just Want to Be your Everything’, Country-shaded ‘Joyful’ and rocking out with ‘A Little Crazy’. And the instant attraction of ‘Paris Bordeaux’ will stay with you for a long time – an unforgettable song if I ever heard one.

Playing on ‘Scattered Notes and Rhymes’ are Arthur Wilson (vocals, guitar) Ross Dryburgh (electric guitar, bass guitar, vocals) Stuart Wilson (electric guitar, bass guitar, vocals) Duncan Smith (drums, percussion) Jamie Lang (keyboards, string arrangements) Margo Falconer (harmonies) Josie Adams (lead vocal ‘I Just Want to Be your Everything’) George Logan (percussion ‘We Name This Ship’).


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