‘Swingin’ Night’ - Mark J. Nyvlt - narratives of experience and expression

(April 07, 2016)

There’s a Canadiana sound that pulls its energy from deep roots then overlays that heritage with the vitality of a folk-rock contemporary edge, and listening to singer-song writer Mark J. Nyvlt’s album ‘Swingin’ Night’ tells you all you need to know mark j nvylt 001about the genre.

Taking influence from narratives of experience, expression and observation Nvylt makes it supremely easy to immerse yourself in his songs. That involvement can be forgiving, easing into melodies so relaxed you simply go with the flow and they ‘take you there’, then in a moment everything changes when the lyrics cut like a knife, as this well-travelled professor of Ancient Greek Philosophy at the Dominican University (Ottawa) infuses his songs with deep-thinking themes - and when he does, Nyvlt takes you on another thoughtful journey.

The power of ‘Swingin’ Night’ lies in songs like ‘New Life’ examining birth, dealing with mental fatigue in ‘Burnout Days’ looking at memories with ‘Now and Then’, and when you hear the harrowing ‘Plight of the Farmer’ you’ll shed a tear too: “We wake to a dawn of dry fields and the only hope left is the moisture of that morning tear” - and then for me, ‘Light of Home’ tells it how it is.


Review: Tom Franks

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