‘Motorcycle Heart’ from Rob Lear - fervour overflows the songs

(April 13, 2016)

Immediate attraction is a rare and wonderful thing - ‘Motorcycle Heart’ an album of powerful Americana from Rob Lear appeals from the first and the longer you listen the more it holds your attention ... desirability and longevity, motorcycle heart rob learwhat more could you ask? Using a laid-back delivery tinged with a note of sadness, Lear offers an amalgam of folk-influenced country mixed with wider excursions into Americana through the 12 songs on ‘Motorcycle Heart’.

Lear’s passionate missives expound his views on experience both personal and observed, uncovering the influence of people and places with a conspicuous impact on his life. The fervour overflows the songs and pours through every note with striking hooks and arresting lyrics - listen to ‘Light Of My Life’ and ‘Strung Out’ or perhaps take in ‘Who’ and ‘Elfin Man’ - and all will become clear.

‘Motorcycle Heart’ features Rob Lear (vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion) Liz Mullins (vocals, accordion, percussion) Brett Green (vocals, guitars) Pete Hurley (bass) Tim Robinson (drums) and Frank Naughton (keyboards)


Review: Tom Franks

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