‘My Turn Now’ from Brooks Williams - a man sitting at the top of his game

(April 13, 2016)

Another album from Brooks Williams is always worth taking time with, and ‘My Turn Now’ ranks among the finest with more high-grade blues-drenched Americana that defines Williams’ music. Recorded in England and my turn now brooks williamsAmerica, ‘My Turn Now’ offers the eager listener 11 songs - originals, covers and traditionals, that throughout their tales of failure, doomed love, lost opportunity, regret and reality make their mark with equal power. Their expression ranges through reflective contemplation, acerbic observation and biting counsel all delivered in Williams’ classic laconic vocals.

The overall impression ‘My Turn Now’ leaves behind is of a man sitting at the top of his game and having fun making music. The originals run from the slow pulse of ‘Crazy Dance’ through the cutting drive in ‘Nine Day’s Wonder’ and acidic ‘Joker’s Wild’ to the tender ‘Rosalyn’. The covers include a rocking take on Mose Allison’s ‘Your Mind Is On Vacation’ and Kristofferson’s mournful ‘Nobody Wins’, while tradition is represented with ‘Hesitation Blues’ and ‘Sitting On Top Of The World’.

Playing on ‘My Turn Now’ are Brooks Williams (vocals, acoustic, electric, slide and resonator guitars, mandolin) Chris Pepper (drums, percussion) A. Murray Kahn (bass) Richard Gates (bass) Sally Barker (backing vocal) and Keith Warmington (harmonica).


Review: Tom Franks

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