‘Quiet Hum’ from West My Friend - startling fresh acoustic blend with sparkling four-part harmonies

(April 26, 2016)

When a press release punches together a selection of words that at first appear highly incongruous, my critical radar moves into high gain, will the content live up to the description? Well, I for one am here to confirm that “Cascadian third-wave indie-progressive chamber folk-roots” perfectly encapsulates what you get from West west my friend quiet humMy Friend. Add words like inventive and creative and include them in a startlingly fresh acoustic blend with sparkling four-part harmonies and you’re well on your way to understanding the new album ‘Quiet Hum’ from ‘West My Friend.

Unafraid to integrate their own individual tastes, experiences and training with a variety of sources and influences to build their soaring musical palette, Eden Oliver, Alex Rempel, Jeff Poynter and Nick Mintenko paint ‘sound pictures’ that both intrigue and captivate. Sometimes folk comes to the fore, then classical overtones emerge and jazz emerge before an excursion into folk-pop arrives, by then they have your attention completely and utterly. Time spent listening to songs like ‘No Good Monster’, ‘Spruce Top’, ‘Letters’, Gradient Graceful’ and ‘Where has My Love Gone’ will do you nothing but good.

West My Friend are Eden Oliver (vocals, guitar) Alex Rempel (vocals, mandolin) Jeff Poynter (vocals, accordion, piano) and Nick Mintenko (vocals, bass) with Kelby MacNair (percussion) and David Travers-Smith (brass). Website:

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