‘Milk Teeth’ from Jim Evans - listen to this just once and you will be addicted

(April 29, 2016)

The first album from folk singer Jim Evans, appeared in 2014, called ‘On Seeds and Shoes’, it was a minimalist piece of work, yet the depths explored took the listener right into music with a beating heart. The follow up ‘Milk Teeth’ (releases 28 May) is equally unpretentious and just as powerful. And in the way of certain straightforward, unassuming albums jim evans milk teethits simple delivery belies its potential and perception.

Without doubt, Evans writes a meaningful song with lyrics that reflect his world-view yet oddly enough strike multiple chords with a wider audience, listen and it’s not too long before you find yourself identifying with the words he writes. His music owes much to the influences of Americana folk and in many ways that’s where you hear the simplicity and forthright delivery of the genre coming through. Conveyed with a world-weary, far-travelled, somewhat plaintive vocal that does so much to take you ‘inside’ their messages, the songs on ‘Milk Teeth’ should come with a warning ... listen to this just once and you will be addicited.

The encounter begins with the acceptance of mortality within ‘It’ll Break’, moves through the hook-rich ‘Shine On Me’ the homage to experiences in ‘Good As Golden’, perhaps the most profound song about love as it grows ‘Rather Than Compete’ and the true appreciation of ‘Half Way There’. ‘Milk Teeth’ has that mysterious, almost spiritual ingredient, it’s eminently memorable and the songs will stay with you. As the man says in ‘All That I See’ ... “Today’s ears are open and embracing the thoughts that birds choose to sing. And although their message is not translated the tune in my head will surely ring.” And that surely sums up this music for it will continue to ring in your head.

Playing on ‘Milk Teeth’ are Jim Evans (vocals, guitars, bass, bouzouki, harmonica, violin, stylophone, keyboard, drums and percussion) Duncan Vass (organ, electric piano) Rebecca Philip (vocals) and Leo James (slide guitar). You can find Jim Evans and his music here:

Review: Tim Carroll

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