‘Radiant’ from Wild Ponies - sharing the journey and living the involvement

(May 08, 2016)

There’s a level of connection that increases the longer you listen, ranging from intimate gently sonorous reflections to rocking out with an unburdened freedom, ‘Radiant’ from Wild Ponies, is in my considered radiantcover-wild poniesopinion their most accomplished work to date. There’s a change from what’s gone before, more electric less acoustic but just as involving and addictive - the ominous shadows of ‘Born With A Broken Heart’ and deeply affecting ‘Radiant’ work their subtle relaxed magic, the homely truth within ‘Mom And Pop’ reveals much with its honest message, while the wider sound of ‘Unplug The Machine’ perfectly reflects is rockier drive.

The influences come from wide and far, either taking the depths of personal feelings or absorbing wider experiences to tell their tales. The reach of these songs transcends and yet includes personal reflection, and all the while it’s so easy to identify with what you’re hearing. Do you feel you’re sharing experiences on ‘Radiant’? Yes you do. Take time to listen to ‘Tower and the Wheel’ or ‘Home Is Where The Road Goes’ and you’ll find yourself alongside Wild Ponies, sharing the journey and living the involvement.

That’s how it is with some artists, no matter if it’s a recording, you could be there in the room with them, that’s what you get with Wild Ponies.


Review: Tom Franks

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