‘Reverie’ from Rant - a ‘perfect storm’ of talent and skill

(May 09, 2016)

There’s meaningful date that should be in collective diaries, it’s 13 May 2016, don’t forget it, because that’s when Rant, the RANT-REVERIE-300x300meeting point of four exceptional fiddlers, release their second album ‘Reverie’. The album is a simply luscious entwining of the roots of heritage and tradition with inspired shoots of innovation, together they serve up a multi-layered feast of music that will sweep listeners away to that place somewhere rather wonderful where Rant find their music.

Rant are Bethany Reid, Jenna Reid, Sarah-Jane Summers and Lauren MacColl, severally and collectively recognised for their solo work and participation in various bands. If the term ‘perfect storm’ describes the coming together of weather features that taken collectively bring unprecedented presence and power, then in this case ‘Reverie’ offers something similar with its perfect amalgamation of talent and skill.

From the first jaunty tones of ‘JT’s’ through the smouldering evocative ‘Miss Drumond of Perth’s Favourite Scotch Measure/ Strathbogie Toast’ to the spritely enjoyment of ‘Dad’s 60th Birthday March’ and the unbrideled enthusiasm of ‘5 Months/ Wha’ll Dance Wi Wattie?’ it’s utterly evident that you’re in the presence of highly accomplished musicians throwing heart and soul into their work. The lovingly delivered ‘Mary’s Dream’ haunts from the first, with Ewan McLennan’s voice to make the song take flight, there’s a spirited interpretation of Ewan MacPherson’s whale watching tune, ‘The Orca’ while the wild passion of ‘Willie Cumming’s Rant' is totally infectious.

There’s little doubt that ‘Reverie’ is set to become one of the standards of the art.

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Review: Tim Carroll

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