‘Back to the 1780’s’ from Wör - you will be surprised and wholly captivated

(May 11, 2016)

From a contemporary perspective, it would be hard by any stretch of the imagination to call 18th-century music ‘modern’, however Flemish-speaking Belgian band Wör have added invention and innovation to a selection of tunes from the Back to the 1780s from WörFlanders region of Belgium to create ‘Back to the 1780’s’. Taking their source material from manuscripts of composers, carillon players and dancing masters like Ioannes De Gruijtters, Petrus Van Belle, Franciscus De Prins and many more. Their album, breathes both freshness and vitality into superb melodies incorporating a myriad of musical influences and listening to Wör’s music you can identify traditional folk music stimuli from France, England and the Netherlands.

Wör work with an eclectic mix of instruments that includes violin, accordion, bagpipes, guitar, baritone and soprano sax, the result is something original and engrossing, a musical weave that creates a sound-tapestry rich in colour and texture. The fascination of this music includes dance tunes that sparkle, marches with a regal flavour interleaving touches folk rock with ancient folk and enchanting, haunting melodies that will transport your mind to peaceful places and stay with you for a long time.

Mistakenly believe that you won’t like 18th century music? Think again and listen to Wör, you will not only be surprised but wholly captivated. Website:

Review: Charlie Elland

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