‘Give and Receive’ from The Danberrys - a mix of blues, touches of gospel, an edge of old time

(May 17, 2016)

Listening to The Danberrys is always a cathartic experience. The rich warmth of the vocals and harmonies, intricate weave of instrumentation coupled with a blend of tradition and innovation founded on a mix of the danberrys album coverblues, touches of gospel, an edge of old time, country folk and bluegrass simply ease your mind and take away your cares. Their new release ‘Give & Receive’ hits the streets on June 17 and is chock full of emotive, expressive and meaningful songs. The feeling of well-being listening to this album is so profound it should be offered as medication to counteract the pressure of this world.

The Danberrys are Ben DeBerry and Dorothy Daniel, who together deliver ten originals on this album that engage easily and absorb wholly. The lead track ‘Receive’ immeidately seizes your attention and thereafter songs such as ‘Lady Belle’, ‘Long Song’, ‘Don't Drink the Water’ and ‘Life Worth Living’ slide in with a luscious smoothness that is simply engrossing. ‘Give & Receive’ is an album you really ought to own – it will do you good.  


Review: Tom Franks

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