‘Good Times Will Come Again’ by Megson - destined to become a classic contemporary folk album

(May 18, 2016)

The minute this album begins you’re instantly in tune with the splendid talents of Debbie and Stu Hanna, aka Megson. Their latest offering ‘Good Times Will Come Again’ moves away from their interpretations of tradition Good Time sWill Come Again - megsonto deliver ten original songs, still immersed in the narrative tradition they reflect so well but awash with their own savagely perceptive lyrics, ear catching vocals and melodies to die for. This is destined to become a classic contemporary folk album and will, if any form of justice prevails, bring Megson the plaudits they so richly deserve.

The album examines issues that impact people, with the frankness of lyric and clarity of vision that set Megson apart as songwriters and performers. Their commentaries move through a soul-crushing grind to afford a home, the steady erosion of the steel industry, fighting to put food on the table, acid-sharp observations on life-risking migration and the human waste visited on families through war. From the sharp surveillance of  ‘Generation Rent’ and heart-touching ‘A Prayer For Hope’, through the darkly perceptive ‘Burn Away’ and the achingly poignant ‘The Bonny Lad’, to gentle expressions of love with ‘The Bookkeeper’ and the pressure of zero-hour contracts in ‘Zero’, Megson lead you into their insightful and deeply meaningful stories.

Debbie and Stu Hanna have established themselves as exceptional tellers of traditional tales, ‘Good Times Will Come Again’, filled with their own work, is further proof were any needed, of their creative calibre.

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Review: Tim Carroll

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