‘I Jumped Ship’ by Paddy Garrigan and the Stroller Priests - idiosyncratic attraction pours through

(May 23, 2016)

Apart from the decidedly macabre masked faces on the album cover, the first thing that strikes you about ‘I Jumped Ship’ by Paddy Garrigan and the Stroller Priests is the muscle of the performance. How do only three guys turn out such a seam-bursting sound? I Jumped ShipActually, the horn arrangements are performed by The Burst Horns and the additional voices on Track 6 are courtesy of the ‘It’s A Man Thing’ choir. However, despite additional instruments and voices, Paddy Garrigan and the Stroller Priests pump out a fair amount of clout. They call it alt folk mixed with rock, but investigate further and there’s blues, rock and roll and folk rock. There’s also a fairly acerbic sense of humour and a sometimes savage lyric or two, along with some ear-catching narratives.

In their view, they write: “Story songs with great melodies, occasional wig outs and pleasant squawks.” With influences that include: “Sea monsters, James Joyce, the afterlife, Dad’s Army, the stoned freaks in the town centre...”. However you describe it an idiosyncratic attraction pours through ‘I Jumped Ship’ and comes from tracks like ‘Where the Dead Go When they die’ and ‘Me & the Universe Blues’, ‘The Honey Mead’ and ‘Sea Monsters’’, ‘Now I Want More’ and ‘Dad’s Army’.

Paddy Garrigan and the Stroller Priests are songwriter Paddy (guitar, mandolin, banjo, harmonium and piano) Ben McCabe (drums, French horn and backing vocals) and Darren Leadsom (bass and backing vocals). Website:

Review: Charlie Elland

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