‘Statues of Everything’ by Stolen Horse - your attention is held and you’re absorbed

(May 29, 2016)

Time and again I listen to bands and wonder exactly which bushel they’ve hiding their light under. Tim Stolen Horse statues of everythingCarroll often says: ‘New is easy, it’s different that’s difficult’, well Stolen Horse are new (to me at least) and they’re also different, which in music is always plus-point. Their latest album, ‘Statues of Everything’ delivers mandolin and banjo embellished melodies, driven by subtle bass with presence but not ‘in your face’, augmented by engaging lead vocals and tight harmonies. If you have to attach labels then they’re clearly somewhere in the contemporary folk bracket but that’s really too-defining for their sound.

What you get with this album are six self-penned narrative tracks with catchy tunes and engrossing lyrics. There’s a somewhat wistful feel to the whole album with its fundamentally gentle, thoughtful songs. ‘Bellows’ introduces their ‘different’ sound, through ‘Protector (Forbidden Flowers)’ to a darker story ‘Three Sisters’ and contemplative ‘Temporary Tattoos’ your attention is held and you’re absorbed, which is all a band can really wish for. There’s definitely talent here and ‘Statues of Everything’ is well worth your time ... and your money.

Stolen Horse are Teddy Pester (vocals, mandolin, tenor guitar) Benjamin Aylott (guitar, banjo) and Ben Moore (bass, harmonica). Website:

Review: Charlie Elland

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